Sunday, 12 February 2012


So off to Paris tomorrow for Premier Vision on Tuesday! Going to have a great valentines day with my friend Sophie in Paris!! :) Roll on the textiles, fabric shops, museums and most importantly inspiration!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Clock Project

For some annoying reason it wouldn't let me upload anymore photos in the last post so here they are! :)

Bamboo collection

The first couple of pictures are my final designs and best photographs with the poor lighting!  The second series of pictures are from a project from last year.  For this project we were asked to take old imagery from a previous project and rework it into something different.  I chose to take my imagery from one of my projects from last year.  The project was inspired by watch and clock parts.  Hope you enjoy the colour in this project!

Bamboo collection

I then started to play about with the scale of my designs, think about placement and build up designs using different images.

This next lot of photo's of my work aren't the best thanks to the lovely new energy efficient lights in the studio! (Making for a rubbish surrounding to do any decent photography!)
In these three photo's I have been used expantex to print my pattern onto bamboo fabric and embellished my design with bead work.

Inspirational image for my bamboo collection

This was the key Chanel image taken from their 2009 collection which really inspired me to create my white on white collection.