Sunday, 22 January 2012

Experimenting with bamboo fabric

Last week I got into the print room and started really experimenting.  I decided to use the method of seersucker with the use of strong caustic soda.  The results were not as I expected! The fabric didn't shrink as much as I had hoped with the chemicals it did take a long time to dry out naturally before rinsing and finishing the process.  The unexpected result was exciting the fabric appeared as if it had been embossed!  This was very interesting as this could be a future method of permanent embossing as the chemicals would never wash out.  My thinking behind why this might have happen was that the bamboo fibres are known to be long thin filaments, therefore the chemicals wouldn't have much of an effect on shrinking and straightening them out as they are already quite straight.  I am now going to investigate dyeing these samples and printing on top of them to see what kind of effects I can gain!
I have also been experimenting more with expantex and pigment printing, layering them up in different orders of printing.  I am trying to keep my methods as simple as possible to keep in with the sustainability theme.  For instance, having one printing technique and one dyeing technique to create a finished fabric is more sustainable than having quite a few for one design.  I have also been looking into embellishing my designs with old beads and buttons that I have found bringing in up cycling to my designs which is gaining popularity fast within industry.  These embellished designs are created with white expantex and sewn on beads and buttons.  They have created lovely natural designs that would fit into the high end market today.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Bamboo Fabric

I want bamboo to be more widely seen in high end fashion, it has amazing properties! It is as soft as silk or cashmere, takes dyes better than cottons, more elastic than cotton, three times more absorbent than cotton, reduces bacteria on the surface by up to 70%, durable for daily use, has breathable and thermal fibres, drape is wonderful, its hypoallergenic, the fibres are perfect for wicking moisture away from the skin AND it's sustainable! I don't see one negative there!

Innovation- Bamboo fabric


Is on innovation believe it or not!!! I have decided to look into sustainability within the textile industry! With this in mind I have decided to work with bamboo fabric.  While doing my research I discovered that not a lot has been done with bamboo fabric.  There are a few pigment prints out there and nice nappies but that is mainly it on the printed front!
Started experimenting in the print room today (with one minor flood), I have tried pigment printing which turned out nicely..the handle of the fabric ended up being much better than cotton printed with pigments. 
Expantex was particularly nice! White expantex on the white bamboo fabric makes for a lovely combination.  With this in mind I am experimenting more with this and using old mixed dyes to keep sustainability in mind!!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

My transparent amoebas project was a fully digital one.  I was looking to satisfy a young market with a thirst for something unique and new! My collection was printed onto three different types of fabric.  Four designs onto cotton voile, three onto chiffon and one onto viscose lining.  My collection floated just like amoebas, so my choice of light weight delicate fabrics was perfect! Here are a couple more pictures for you to enjoy.

Transparent Amoeba

Some pictures of my project inspired by amoebas and glass transparency.