Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Degree show

Degree show is on Saturday 25th of May until Friday the 31st of May Open 10am-4pm everyday! (Closed Sundays)
The High Mill
Galashiles TD1 3HF

Degree show

And now for the sneaky peak of my degree show! :)

Sketchbook drawings

Here are some of my favourite drawings from my sketchbook that developed to inspire my final collection!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Needle punching and heat setting

To experiment more I punched wool, silk and polypropylene together. The wool and silk were punched onto the outside of the polypropylene which is a heat setting fabric. Once all three layers had been punched together I gathered one sample with thread and the other with dress pins to compare the outcome. The samples where then put in a oven for the required time and temperature. The results were very interesting with their textures changing and shrinking as well as the handle of the fabric changing.


Needle Punching

During my first semester of fourth year I had an innovation project to complete. I chose to push my process and fabric I was using by creating new and interesting textures to print onto. I created these new textiles by experimenting with a needle punch machine to combine fabrics and colours.