Sunday, 7 October 2012

Week three

The pattern development begins! :) I spent most of my time living in the CAD lab and setting up my very own at home in my room! Bought a graphics tablet...amazing!

Here are some of  my creations

Week two

Week two was about working into line drawings and developing my colour.  The idea was to build up the flowers in layers on Photoshop to come up with something exciting.  Nothing better than playing around and developing designs :)

Week one

Week one I started by drawing my flowers, this developed well but did feel a bit ah about drawing.  These developed into precise and tight line drawings that I then placed on black backgrounds.  This really helped me to focus on the shape of the flower and how it would develop into pattern. Thinking of colour and application I decided to keep the tight line drawings but also have watercolour flowers as well to make sure there would be a variety within my collection.

Here are some of my line drawings.